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Classical music

A small chamber music ensemble can offer wonderful perspectives. Theremin, piano and… Vibraphone. Or cello. Or clarinet. Or voice… Interesting combinations are still to be investigated.

La Vallée des Cloches (Ravel) — with vibraphone

Étude op 2 n°1 (Scriabine) — with cello

Concerto pour Soprano Coloratura (Glière) — with clarinet

The Alba Septet is an original chamber music ensemble, created in 2017 with Bohuslav Martinů’s “Fantasia for theremin, oboe, piano and string quartet” in mind. Composed in 1944, it is one of the most characteristic work for theremin.

Laurent Beeckmans, the pianist who is also known as a talented composer and conductor, helped a lot increasing the repertoire for this ensemble. He dedicated many transcriptions and also some new compositions to the Alba Septet. A nice concert program is available.

Historically, the theremin has always been closely tied to the piano – probably thanks to Clara Rockmore and Nadia Reisenberg. Since 2017, a continuous work with Laurent Beeckmans between France and Belgium aims to explore and enrich the repertoire of this very classical combination.

A fruitful collaboration with the Canadian pianist Julien LeBlanc will lead to several concerts in Canada during the summer 2020.

This duet has been inspired by the Oraison composed by Olivier Messiaen first written for Ondes Martenot sextet in 1937. The composer himself transcribed it for cello and piano later as the second movement of his Quartet For The End Of Time. This long meditative melody is transcended by the rich timbre combination offered by the unusual theremin and organ duet.

A full concert programme is available, with baroque transcriptions and contemporary works alongside the Oraison. Several projects are in progress with the organists Gabit Nessipbaïev, Muriel Groz and Quentin du Verdier.

Theremin & orchestra

With its very own tone color and expressivity, the theremin sounds wonderfully in a symphonic context. Some original works have been written specifically for theremin and orchestra – mostly film soundtracks ( Spellbound, Ed Wood, etc.),  20th century works Fuleihan’s concerto, Schillinger’s “first airphonic piece”, etc.) and more contemporary pieces.

Contemporary music

A full concert programme for theremin, 2 violas, cello and piano composed by the brillant Canadian composer Aleks Schürmer. Flautist and multi-instrumentalist specialized in baroque music, Schürmer’s music is intriguing, inspired by the 20th century with a subtle baroque touch and very unstable harmonies.

The theremin is the musical red wire of an ever-changing project initiated by the multifaceted Diederik Peeters. Something inbetween contemporary theater-play and performance.

Here is a picture displaying the incredible sonic installation created for a radiophonic play, in 2018, in Rennes, France.


There is so much to tell ! The amazing life of Lev Sergueïevitch Termen, the history of electronic music, etc. It’s always a great pleasure for me to share my passion for these subjects with all kind of audiences (schools, universities, everyone…)

To discover the theremin, there are several possibilities among which the theremin academies organised by Thierry Frenkel, Dorit Chrysler’s “école de thérémin” and workshops coming along with some concerts. The picture attached here was taken during a theremin workshop in Montréal on August 23rd, 2019.

Aside from these group events, you can still contact me for individual lessons.


Taking part into projects for the film industry, from short-films to bigger productions.

La Fiera y la Fiesta (2019) – Israel Cárdenas & Laura Amelia Guzmán

Ondes Noires (2018) – Ismaël Joffroy-Chandoutis

Es war einmal in Deutschland (2017) – Sam Gabarski

Lame sonore, Cristal Baschet, Haken Continuum… 

Work in progress…