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Photo © Sara Wass

Grégoire Blanc is a young French musician, mostly known for his work involving the theremin – this very unique musical instrument, invented in the 1920s by the legendary Lev Sergueïevitch Termen. Despite its minimalistic design, the theremin continues to be one of the most expressive electronic instruments to this day.

Grégoire’s musical journey started at an early age with the cello, nurturing a strong classical background. His first encounter with the theremin in high school was decisive. Following the completion of two Master’s Degrees, one from the prestigious engineering school of Arts et Métiers and another one in sciences applied to music offered at Sorbonne University by IRCAM, he finally decided to pursue a career in music.

Widely recognized as a promising artist, Grégoire Blanc is regularly invited to perform worldwide. His engagements span across classical concerts, contemporary theater and dance performances, lectures, and studio recordings, from Canada to Kazakhstan. 

His ongoing artistic research centres around expressiveness in electronic music, leading him to explore new perspectives, seamlessly blending tones and techniques to develop his own musical and sonic vocabulary.


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