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Grégoire Blanc is a young French musician, mostly known for his work involving the theremin, a stunning electronic musical instrument that is played “in the air”.
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Theremin and classical music are the core of a broader project. Some exciting events are in the pipeline.

Concerts, recordings sessions, conferences and workshops are taking place in France, Europe and beyond, have a look to the projects page to read more.

If you are a musician, filmmaker, festival organiser with a project or just an idea to work together, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With more than [ytchannel type=”subscribers”] subscribers, YouTube remains my principal platform, make sure to check the latest videos!!


Moog Music introduces the Claravox, a new professional model of theremin. I had the honor to take part to this journey and am delighted to play on such an extraordinary instrument. More info here:

The Synthfest festival, dedicated to synthesizers and electronic music, took place online this year. I proposed a recording of Satie’s 3rd Gymnopédie which is available on the Synthfest YouTube channel.